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My name is Kateryna Soniuk.

I’ve been working at Lufthansa Cargo and Austrian Cargo for 8 years already. This is my first workplace and I’m very happy to be a part of the Lufthansa Team. My job function at LCAG is inside sales and handling representative. I provide telephone sales, customer service, cargo handling, claims processing, administrative responsibilities and promote e-Services.

I must admit it is very exciting to work with a huge variety of customers. You can always learn something new by communicating with different people as they are so individual, smart, funny and positive persons. You have to find an individual way of communicating with each of them, satisfy their requirements, to find the solution in situations which sometimes look like “mission impossible”, to dispel doubts in our professional skills and possibilities. It is very nice to know that we’ve managed to demonstrate our good service, skills and quality. Because “Quality starts here”.

Every day we have the opportunity to deal with interesting shipments. It is always a pleasure to work with cute living animals, temperature-sensitive cargo, valuable shipments etc. Customers want to be sure of the safety of their shipments and we have to prove to them that there is nothing to worry about.

I would like to show you a small part of our efforts to prove Lufthansa Cargo’s quality and service.

Insulin 3

(Andrey Krivorotov/K+N, Vladimir Golovaschuk/IEVFG-B, Karin Krestan/LCCC, Katja Sidlo/LCCC, representatives of insulin manufacturer)


So the story is about temperature sensitive shipment – pharmaceuticals “Insulin”. It’s very important to notice that insulin is a high value and very sensitive shipment. The expiration date of this product depends on transportation conditions.

In high competition we’ve got a great chance to transport the Insulin on regular basis from Kyiv, Ukraine, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The customer required to control all points of the supply chain and we had to provide it. Our main idea was to dispel any doubts. And we have asked ourselves: “What could be done better than to see everything with their own eyes?” The answer was obvious – the customer should visit our Cool Center at Frankfurt airport.

So our top customer “Kuehne +Nagel” and the Ukrainian insulin manufacturer together with LCAG director in Ukraine, Vladimir Golovaschuk, have visited our cool center in FRA. Their main target was to monitor FRA part of the entire cool chain as one of the insulin shipments was at LCCC (Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center) that time, to see how our product Cool/td-Passive works. The guests were impressed by the hi-tech state-of-the-art technologies in our facilities.

Active cool containers as a very special tool for temperature sensitive freight were looked into thoroughly. Options for their utilization and logistics have been actively evaluated.



Our guides in LCCC were Karin Krestan and Katja Sidlo, whose enthusiasm and professionalism were the key factor of the successful visit.

Kiev is a small station and LCAG operates narrow body aircrafts like A319-320. In this case we needed to split shipment on several flights. But we didn’t have the possibility to spend a lot of time because of shipment’s commodity. Our decision was to request an aircraft change. We’ve received A321 instead of A319 two times and that helped us to reduce departure time ex KBP. As we should minimize the period of the stay outside the refrigerator, LCCC colleagues have offered to build up pallets directly in the cool center.

Nevertheless our team was looking for a better solution and found out that it is logically to send in a cool truck directly to Frankfurt. This was a good decision, especially for big consignment. The time of being outside the refrigerator was significantly reduced.

Insulin2Build-up directly at LCCC


Besides, we should always remember about team cooperation. Station of origin, transit station and station of destination should be coordinated to secure in time offload/loading and minimize time of transportation between cool center and aircraft. The customer was satisfied as it means safer conditions for his shipment. Now, time to time, we forward cool trucks directly to Frankfurt airport and this is the result of Teamwork.

Making some efforts, you can achieve goals and provide quality in your everyday work.

Enthusiasm, will and good team work lead to success.

To sum it up I would say: “Love your job and nothing is impossible”!

Be with Lufthansa! Be Lufthansa!

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