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Hello again! This week I’ll be talking to you about different cultures within the Lufthansa world. Working for an international company such as Lufthansa, and interacting with an increasingly international clientele, it is crucial to be able to deal with people and cultures from different backgrounds. But what does that look like in reality and how does it play itself out? This week I’ll take a look at the different ways I have experienced “culture” at Lufthansa.

As part of the IAP program (don’t know what that is? Check out our Be Lufthansa page!) I encounter many different nationalities just by being in the program. In our program, besides America, we hail from all different corners of the globe, including: Canada, Mexico, Ghana, Nigeria, Greece, France, the UK, South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy, South Africa and more! Each of us comes from different backgrounds with different expectations.

Look how international!

Look how international!

For some people, being IAP meant traveling to Germany for the first time. For others, it was a very typical thing to fly to Germany. Some of us speak German, some of us do not. Many of us have aviation backgrounds, many do not. It’s quite a varied group, and even after two years of living and working together, there are still cultural tics and tidbits that surprise us. From the way a South African says “howzit” instead of “hello”, to a Nigerian complimenting a German woman by calling her fat, culture plays itself out in many funny ways in our group.

What I’ve learned is to develop a sense of humor about it. The more you can shrug your shoulders and roll with the punches when someone’s behavior or speech pattern strikes you as odd, or completely coming out of left field, the more you can push aside the differences and make friends.

And of course, once you do that, the possibilities are limitless!

Istanbul visits New York

An international get together from Istanbul in New York.

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