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Greetings fellow bloggers and blog followers!

I’ve been asked the following questions lately and was encouraged to post my responses in our blogging pages. So, here it goes … my first blog posting.

Who are you?

I am the IAP Program Manager and responsible for its contents, quality and participants. I wear many hats – trainer, moderator, manager, coach, mentor, controller, planner, coordinator, and advisor. It just depends on what is needed at the moment. I have one of the best jobs in the company because my work involves so much variety and I have the distinct privilege of working with so many talented, motivated individuals – the IAPs!

IAP Generation 2011 - on the terrace

IAP Generation 2011 – on the terrace

IAP Generation 2012 - Watch out for them next year!

IAP Generation 2012 – Watch out for them next year!



Could you please share your graduation experience with us? What was your favorite?

Graduation is always a bittersweet experience for me. On the one hand, the program is coming to an end for a group of amazing individuals whom I have gotten to know over the previous 2 years. I met them during the assessment center, welcomed them into the program, accompanied them over the 2 years and watched them learn and develop into the competent and professional individuals they are today. So, you will understand if I say that I am a little sad to see them complete the program. The time goes by so fast!
On the other hand, I am so incredibly proud of the IAPs and all that they have accomplished. I’m glad they successfully completed the program and are moving on to new challenges within the company. Although the program has a certain structure, there is enough flexibility to allow individual development and make full use of one’s unique strengths and capacities.
Until graduation I experienced the IAPs in a professional atmosphere: meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. My favorite memory of graduation was seeing them letting their hair down, celebrating their achievement, and just having a great time. The energy was phenomenal and they even danced with top managment! That was awesome and it just goes to show what fun people we have working at Lufthansa.

True Gentlemen

True Gentlemen

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

We spell diversity with a capitcal "D"

We spell diversity with a capitcal “D”

Multicultural ... yeah!

Multicultural … yeah!


From your point of view, who are the IAPs?

Highly motivated, culturally sensitive, competent individuals with lots of energy and lots of potential. They have a keen interest in learning from others and are generous in sharing their ideas and knowledge with others and adding value to the company. In all they do, they keep the big picture in mind and they are very inspiring! They are simply great people to know and be associated with.

Congratulations to generation 2011! You are awesome and I will miss you!

IAP Generation 2011

IAP Generation 2011


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