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It’s actually simple, we are Generation Y. We learned a lot during our studies, especially about ourselves. We know exactly what we (don’t) want und feel misunderstood by the elderly and the very young alike. Our expectations arise from an infinite pool of ideals. We are considered picky yet indecisive, ambitious yet lazy at the same time. We strive for new working environments and a new culture, that feels natural to us. Due to our many internships though, we are becoming suspicious that we are chasing phantoms here.

Dino, ProTeam Generation 29

Following my degree the ProTeam microsite caught my attention. Well, that sounds pretty good, I thought, but are they serious about it? Almost two years later I recognized some things. First: ‘They’ doesn’t exist. Second: Serious it is. Third: You’re still having fun, while it’s serious.
18 intense months have passed already. We went from giddy with pleasure to melting into tears.

And I figured out: what we seek for is real already. We work in interdisciplinary teams, whose strengths originate in our diversity and heterogeneous experiences. We stay authentic and true to ourselves AND conceive difference as a source of knowledge and enrichment. And we go the extra mile, given we are aware of the why in what we do.



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