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The ProTeam gets reinforcement from far away!

El Salvador, my home-country is more than nine thousand kilometers away from Lufthansa’s headquarter in Frankfurt; and now I have the chance to ask myself, how did I actually make it into Lufthansa’s ProTeam?
The first time I got to explore the team’s website I knew right away that this program would be an experience which I would love to do. After reading every single sentence I had a great feeling that this program was tailor-made for my person, but, was I made for the ProTeam as well?
The ProTeam went more international in the last years, looking for talents around the corners of the world. As a studied generalist, an industrial engineer with broad knowledge in multiple industries, I knew that my experience could prove to be sufficient, and I thought myself “what unique offer can I bring to the ProTeam that I can do well and I do often?”
If there is something abundant in my country which Germany lacks and appreciates, then it must be the sun; and that is how I decided to bring the light of positivism, the good vibes to the team. This is something that I’m good at, which is genuine of my person and which makes me happier every day.
The easiest part of bringing joy is that I love doing so, and that makes me better at it.
Every team needs diversity, as every team needs positivism.
To sum up, the “good-vibe guy” is my role.
And after this long text, I would like to know, which YOUR role is?
Just comment below and I’ll surely get back to you!

Onward and Upward,

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