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Hello everyone,

As promised, I have stated a few tips and tricks below for you to land THAT Internship. :)

1. Why an internship?

Before I started my Internship at Lufthansa Cargo in London, I had not really gained a lot of work experience. During my summer holidays I have always been on holidays and tried to enjoy the time off as much as possible. If I had known better earlier – and could tell my younger self now – I would have definitely done a summer internship. I have gained some experience during my part time jobs – handling customer complaints, dealing with stressful situations and taking payments. However, working in a big international company such as Lufthansa Cargo, helps you to put theory learned at university into practice. You can learn a lot from your experienced colleagues, you will develop and improve new skills and it will form a path for your future career. Besides that, doing an internship will surely help you to develop a global network, which will always come in handy in the future. Always look for Internship opportunities that will widen your horizon and that will contribute to your success as an entrepreneur in the future! Make the most out of your free-time in the summer or during your studies, to learn how to properly work in a business environment and to prepare yourself for the future and the life after university.

2. Why an internship abroad?

After I had worked as an Au-Pair in the UK for over 10 months, it became clear that I definitely wanted to come back. During my second year at university we had to decide what country we would like to go for our semester and internship abroad. I have decided to go back to the UK to study and work. It has been a great opportunity and I have had the chance to improve my English language skills even further. Furthermore, I have built up more confidence by tackling all the challenges that I have come across (looking for a new apartment in an unknown area, opening up a bank account etc.). The built up confidence will definitely help you in the future. Working in an international environment such as the one I work in at Lufthansa cargo, will make you understand different ways of living and different cultures better. Another benefit of doing an internship abroad is that you will be able to develop and expand your global network. You will be able to create strong connections with colleagues that will benefit you in the future. Try to connect and network with as many people as possible. Working abroad will definitely help you to adapt to new situations more quickly. It has been the best experience so far – personally and professionally. Experience abroad is valued by every future employee out there – take the opportunity and step out of your comfort zone.

3. You get what you give – application preparation.

Now that you have decided to land that dream internship – you have to convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the intern position. Before I had decided to apply for the Intern position at Lufthansa Cargo, I only had a small understanding of how the airport-to-airport business worked. I had no idea that half of Lufthansa Cargo’s shipments fly in the belly of the passenger flights, just below your suitcases. Before I had sent my application, I took my time to do my research about the company as well as reading the job description really carefully. It is important that you include the skills that are asked for in your CV as well as in your motivation letter. Some things are more important than others – and some can also be left out. Do not try to pack your CV or motivation letter with as many things as possible – prioritise! Do not necessarily include your swimming certificates when you apply for an Internship position in Marketing at Sales at Lufthansa Cargo. Furthermore, less is more. It is great to see how successful you have been in the past and what certificates or grade you have achieved at secondary school – but your most recent results are more important than your A-level results. Having said that, try to keep the motivation letter on one page – I know it will be difficult as you are trying to find as many reasons as possible to really convince the employer. I can remember that I had two pages in total and asked friends to shorten it for me, asking them which paragraphs I should prioritise. It helps to ask friends and family for their opinion on your CV and motivation letter. Furthermore, make sure you do not include any spelling mistakes before sending it. Also, have an eye for detail. Everyone knows that you will probably not only be applying for that one internship – but make sure that you adjust your motivation letter according to the job position and do not include a different company name when applying for Lufthansa Cargo. Try to stand out from the crowd, make your motivation letter fun reading and maybe include some information that has not been mentioned in your Cover letter yet. Research a special strategy of Lufthansa Cargo (Cargo 2020) and try to explain how you can identify yourself with it. Why not record a video? :)


4. You get what you give part 2 – telephone interview.

Having passed the first stage of the internship application process, the telephone interview is the more difficult part. It is always easier to write in another language than to actually speak it on the phone. Besides that, you might have difficulties understanding the accent – but do not be afraid – the employer knows that it may be difficult for you to understand the language, so they will slow down. If you do not understand their questions properly during the telephone interview, make sure you ask them to repeat their question. Make sure you have done your research about the company, their strategies and if possible the work environment. Having said that, google ‘most common questions asked during a telephone interview’ and brainstorm about answers you can give. Prepare yourself well enough – although it is no problem to sometimes having to think about an answer to a question during the telephone interview. Also, try to think of questions you have for the employer or the current intern. Try to show interest and hunger for the internship. The telephone interview is a great opportunity to find out more about the job position and the internship itself as the job description online can be somewhat blurry sometimes. Furthermore, make sure you are in a quiet environment – no playing kids or barking dogs around. That will help you to be less stressed and the interviewer to better understand you on the phone.

I know it’s been a lot to read, but I hope it will help you for your future application. Be yourself, be optimistic and stay ambitious! Chase your dreams… :)

Cheers and see you soon,

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