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A big hello to all our Blog-Readers,

Wow, how time flies as an IAP Compact trainee. It has been almost 6 months since we could step into one of the most exciting and dynamic fields in the aviation industry. Definitely time to share our ongoing experience with you again.

We have really grown to a little family and the bond becoming stronger and stronger over the time, with the same ambition and passion for the airfreight business. It is absolutely fantastic to see how we developed our knowledge in LCAG abbreviations, current topics, our specific regions and market behaviors which sometimes leads to endless discussions about the differences in the local markets.

Like we mentioned in our Blog in June, we have gone through an intense time of various trainings and new tasks in our time at our home stations. Some of us where already given quite responsible roles in our Area, which we differentiate between ‘The Americas’, ‘Europe & Africa’, ‘Germany’ and ‘Asia-Pacific’. In the headquarters for the Americas in Atlanta, Justin, for example, was proudly being a part of the controlling team who is doing cost forecasting and approving of investments but also need to constantly communicate with all the other regions in ‘America’ and also our corporate office in FRA. This can get tough, especially when considering the inner American time difference of 3hrs + an additional 6hrs on top for Germany. Now you can imagine how it sometimes feels like being part of a GLOBAL team :)

One of the highlights in the last months for all IAP’s was the week in our F/G2 or F/G3 Area Management in Frankfurt and Atlanta. What a pleasure to finally meet the people you sometimes see copied into an email.

Justin (ATL), Paul (NYC) and Alexandra (LAX) got together to meet their area managers and also the people who are responsible for certain departments as Flight Control, Customer Support Team, Handling, Sales and the Global Key Account Management. Also, they were socially engaged with ‘Books for Africa’ where they packed the boxes ready for being shipped to Africa. What a wonderful thing to do. This was topped up with a Segway tour through Atlanta with our HR team and got to see all the places like the Olympic garden. The week in Atlanta ended with a dinner with the Vice President of the Americas.

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At the same time, Franziska (LON), Stephanie (VIE), Elisabeth (VIE), Simon (AMS), Francesca (MIL) and Richard (DUB) visited their Area Management at Cargo City South. Thanks to our great HR team this week was planned thoroughly. Welcomed by our Head of HR we discussed (well it actually was more a statement) on what we think about the program so far. “AMAZING” summarises it best J. From the Steering Team to our Key Account Managers, we were introduced to everyone’s job and function. It is great to see that customers really are the core of our business, in theory as well as practice. In the meantime we even had time to go to Lufthansa Technik to visit the A380.

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After the week in our Area Management we ALL met again at our Lufthansa training center in Seeheim.Some of us flew in as normal passengers, some others decided to fly on our B777F from Chicago to Frankfurt. Amazing to see the loading/unloading of a cargo aircraft as well as experience such a nice crew. The seats were so comfortable you didn’t even want to get up anymore :)

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We were ready for some more input, which related to our final projects within the IAP Compact program. The variety of projects we have ranges from flight control and margin management, to regional pricing methods, marketing concepts, efficient handling methods to more future orientated projects like eCargo (electronic). Although most of us had already a theoretical knowledge of project management, our training has proven that the topic is more complex that we think it is. We immediately applied the learning to our projects during that week, which helped everyone to get started and introduce our thoughts to our Regional Manager. Phew, what a week that was….

Now, being back in our home stations we are perfectly prepared for our project. Let’s see how that goes….

If you want to know what happened during and after our project, please stay posted on the Career-blog page and you will ‘read’ what it means to reach and master the final step of the program.

Your IAP Compact Gang 2015

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