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Greetings fellow bloggers! My name is Juliana and I am an International Airline Professional (IAP) based out of São Paulo – Guarulhos Station.

Yes I know it’s a tongue-twister for the non-Portuguese speakers!

Nice view from my desk!

Nice view from my desk at Guarulhos Airport!

First of all I’d like to thank the generation 2011 for the support during this one year we’ve been together and wish all the best for you!

CFO Mrs. Menne

CFO Mrs. Menne – We had the great opportunity to meet her during Graduation IAP 2011!

So, now it’s time to Generation 2012 take the blog over and continue sharing the amazing experience of being an IAP. You already had the taste of our ‘family’ with Eduardo Sanchez’s posting and you’ll see us here more frequently :)

Introducing ourselves in the first day in Seeheim

Introducing ourselves in the first day in Seeheim

We are 15 people from all over the world: Brazil, Colombia, China, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, United States and Venezuela. And as normal family we are still growing… our first niece was just born!

Farhana’s Baby Shower in Wiesbaden

Farhana’s Baby Shower in Wiesbaden

Stay tuned, because this week I’ll be here to tell you about my experiences during this awesome one year at Lufthansa!





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