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Hi there and good morning from Singapore! We, Gary, Christina and Jimmy, are interns at the Area Management Asia Pacific of Lufthansa Cargo in Singapore and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and give you an insight to what it is like to work here in Singapore. 


Gary Sng | SIN FG/4 | Sales Steering Team

Hi readers! I am Gary and I am the intern for the Singapore sales steering team. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, I wanted to get some experience and get a taste of how would it be working in an airline industry. So getting the chance to work here was a great way for me to pick up skills in many aspect which could be transferrable in the future. The role is a challenging as you get to be involved in projects that are meaningful and useful to the organization.

Being an intern in sales steering team, you get to be heavily involved, ie. experiencing roundtable network calls with colleagues from various stations in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Delhi and Shanghai, and how they go about working together to achieve targets and tackling the ever-changing market conditions in the Asia Pacific regions.

While the overall experience during my internship was great, the first month was a challenge because I had to learn most of the key terms used in the company reports and go about maneuvering in their data system on my own. Hence at the start, I was unable to appreciate the work given until I understood what the reports meant much later.

Nonetheless, it is a joy working with most colleagues in the company especially with the Steering team. They are friendly, approachable and are always ready to help when they can. Even in hectic times, colleagues are usually in positive mood, which lightens up the atmosphere.

It is truly a great experience to work with such a diverse group of colleagues here as you get to experience bit by bit their culture and their ways of working.


Christina Lauer | SIN FG/4 | Global Key Accounts Management Team

Hi there! My name is Christina and I’m from Germany. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management I wanted to gain some work experience before pursuing my Master’s degree. Browsing Be-Lufthansa.com, the internship in Global Key Account Management immediately caught my interest and I decided to apply. Luckily, I was accepted and started my internship in Singapore in the end of January.

At half time of my internship I can unequivocally say that I am enjoying my time with Lufthansa a lot, working together with great people and being an active member of a team. All of us interns have been given a very warm welcome and the atmosphere in the Area Management office is open and friendly. My work with the Key Account Management team has allowed me to participate in different processes, giving me a thorough insight into a Key Account Manager’s job. My daily tasks include preparing presentations and reports for business meetings and supporting the Head of Key Account Management in a variety of topics, often on ad-hoc basis. Moreover there are several long-term projects I am participating in. All in all, I have already learned a lot and I really appreciate the diversity of my tasks: There is always room to be creative, show initiative and work independently and responsible.

However, what also significantly coins my experience in Singapore is the city. Singapore is the gate to Asia, being mainly shaped by Asian culture but also exhibiting European and American influences. I.e. you get to experience Asia without being subject to a major culture shock. But to be honest, there is so much to see and discover – especially the food! – that after three months I still have not felt even a little bit homesick. It is common to go out to eat, either to a Hawker Center or a Food Court, where you will find a great variety of food from different Asian countries: Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, … the list goes on. Of course, everyone spots his favorites soon, but there is so much to try that you wouldn’t have to repeat yourself for weeks. The expat- and intern-community is well established in Singapore so that it is easy to find people to spend time and travel with. On the weekends we either discover the different parts of the city – Little India and the Arab quarter are a must-see -, visit one of the parks, go to the beach on Sentosa or travel to another country. It is quite easy to get around, so that you can see a lot of different places.

To conclude, my experience in Singapore has been unique so far – shaped by an exciting city and an interesting internship. To all of you who are thinking of going for an internship abroad with Lufthansa: apply and pack your bags! You will surely not regret it!


Jimmy Wong | SIN FG/4 | Handling Team

Hallo! I am Jimmy, a local student pursuing a diploma in Aviation Management & Services in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. As part of the curriculum, I will be attached with Lufthansa Cargo AG Area Management – Asia Pacific as an intern for 6 months!

My daily tasks include data extraction, data consolidation, and creating and sending reports to different regional managements on a weekly as well as monthly basis. Other than working on regular reports, I will also be creating ad-hoc PowerPoint slides, tracking information, etc..



Panorama View of My Workstation

Aside from working hard as employees, we also play hard as family members of Lufthansa Cargo, especially when some team members celebrate their birthdays with sweet treats for the team.

In June, we will be having a team event called Dragon Boat Challenge with the Lufthansa Passage Asia Pacific Team at Singapore’s Kallang River. I believe it will be as amazing as it sounds! (A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft, it is the basis of the team paddling sport of dragon boat racing, a watersport which has its roots in an ancient folk ritual of contending villagers, which has been held for over 2000 years throughout southern China. Source: Wikipedia.)



Traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Racing in Singapore

Having spent one and a half months in Lufthansa Cargo AG, I would say this is one of the best experiences that I have ever had; Here, I have tasted the real working environment where I sometimes sit in with managers and observe their teleconferences, attend town meetings and other important meetings, work with different departments to solve arising issues and embark on meaningful projects that will benefit the company.

In addition, I am well-cared by a team of colleagues who treat me like a permanent staff rather than an intern. My welfare is constantly being taken care of in the office; anything I need, they always try to provide me. Whenever I have any inquiries, they always try their best to provide me with answers.



Mr Anil Ramchand Lulla, an amiable and approachable Process Manager, who will always drop by my desk and ask me how I am doing or ask me whether I need any help from him. His meticulous care for me has always been my greatest drive to become a better person like himself.



Ms Maria Georgina Allid-Flores, a passionate and responsible Quality & Customer Service Manager, who has always been teaching me with her immense patience, has taught me lessons that I can never learn in the school. There is no doubt that she has made me better in terms of my personality as well as in my attitude towards everything. I am really touched by her willingness to nurture inexperienced interns like me.


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