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Hello there!

Project Milestones are discussed in a Steering Board, which consists of several managers of different departments affected by the project. In our case we have to communicate with colleagues in Hamburg, Tulsa, Fort Lauderdale and San Francisco. I’ll prepare and hold the presentation for the next Steering Board. Important decisions are made by the Review Board, which consist of two senior managers. The last Review Board took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in June. I am very thankful that I had the chance to attend this meeting.

LTCS reception in FLL

LTCS reception in FLL

The AOG-Desk@LTCS conceptual stage is now completed and the project is in its landing approach. Ten highly qualified employees were recruited for the AOG-Desk Team in FLL. In the next three months the team will receive an intensive training in order to ensure a succesfull launch of the new AOG-Desk. The handover of the customers to FLL is staggered in three packages with a similar amount of average requests per day. This approach ensures a progressive handover.

In the upcoming blog entry I am going to show your pictures of my gate trip and also give you an insight in some daily routine.

Have a good one, Julia.


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