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Dear future Lufthansa Cargo IAP Compact 2015 trainees,

Dear blog readers,

Unbelievable, 9 months of our IAP Compact 2015 Program is over and we had our last and final event as a trainee – the presentation of our projects. In the last two months we worked on a wide range of different topics from setting up a marketing plan, implementing the new pricing system, handling topics such as speeding up transit times, evaluating profitability of certain processes, to digitising the airfreight business in our market. We can be glad we had much training as described our earlier blog posts, because now was the time to make use of that gained knowledge to successfully complete our projects. Additionally helpful was that over the last months we developed an extensive network with customers and other LCAG colleagues meaning we knew who to ask and had support from many sides. Our local management as well as we as a team (now ex-IAP) were there for each other and helped out were we could.

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Then, the day came closer and closer and our HR team revealed more information of what we will be doing. How exciting. How many presentations have you held in front of your headquarters management? We personally, have not done many or even none. Well, now it was the time for it. The Human Resource Development team as well as Lufthansa Cargo experts of each project topic were invited to take part on this special day to listen to our project presentations and discuss the results. What a valuable presence for all of us to talk about our specific project with someone who is an expert in that field. We were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm to meet and support us in the future.

After a great day of presentations and networking in Seeheim, we finally came to the official end of our trainee program: The graduation ceremony. Dressed up again, we had the pleasure to spend the evening with Dr. Martin Schmitt, Board Member for Finance and Human Resources as well as with Karin Klatt, Head of HR development, -sourcing and executives.

First of all, Dr. Martin Schmitt gave us a short overview about the importance of trainee programs like ours and what are the current and future opportunities, but also challenges of the air cargo industry. We started with a nice and very interesting discussion about our impressions we got during the past nine months, and also we shared our most memorable moments. After this we received our diplomas for a successful completion of the IAP Compact 2015 Program, we had the chance to address our group with a few words and also to thank our program coordinators, who had put so much effort in managing our group. And of course, we took a lot of pictures, like always :). Following the official part of the ceremony, we all enjoyed a joint dinner with our guests from Frankfurt.

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The next and last day together as IAP Compact 2015 Trainees, was a complete change of venue. We were told to change our business attire from the final event into comfortable and more practicable clothing, but were kept in the dark about any details until the very last minute. All that we knew was that we would meet in central Frankfurt for a day dedicated to a good cause. Joined not only by our program coordinators Jenny and Valentina and their interns but also by the current Start Cargo Trainees and a STIP colleague, we ended up being a large group of 18 people. All of us were excited to finally hear what was planned for this day: helping out in the Caritas storage warehouse for clothing donations for refugees. After a brief introduction and tour by the coordinator on duty, we were eager to get to work. The task was not so different from logistics processes that we are dealing with on a daily basis: sorting randomly mixed donations by season (summer/winter), gender (men’s, women’s and children’s clothes), type of clothing and size. Sorted items were then packed in boxes and labeled – ready for distribution to emergency shelters for refugees. It was a really great day that was all about teamwork and social commitment. Seeing the huge amount of boxes at the end of the day that we were able to fill in a matter of a few hours was additionally rewarding.

Social_Day_3 Social_Day_2

The IAP Compact 2015 Trainee Program is now over for us and we are back at our stations spread over Europe and America were we will continue to be part of Lufthansa Cargo in our position within Handling, Sales and Sale Steering. We feel well prepared for the future challenges and will never forget the great experience we had together. Good that we are just a flight away from each other and can continue to work together for Lufthansa Cargo. Leave us your questions or comment here if you want to know more and maybe, one day, we see you in our company.

Goodbye from your IAP Compact 2015 Trainees!

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