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Hello Followers,

I hope you enjoyed my last blog week from 1st to 5th July. If you are curious, go to https://blog.be-lufthansa.com/deine-meinung-ist-gefragt/.

Otherwise WELCOME to my international blog on internships at Deutsche Lufthansa. I am a student of “Management in International Business” and just finished my 6-months-internship in sales management in Mannheim/Germany. During this exciting and varied work experience, I learned lots about the structure and working habits of a corporation in general. You get to see different leadership styles and how employees respond to them. All in all, it is helpful to get an overview of how people in different levels of hierarchy are working and deciding on issues. Regarding my tasks, I would absolutely recommend doing an internship in sales since there is a wide range of attractive projects for motivated students.

To present one of my tasks in more detail, I would like to focus on the EMEA team. Technically spoken, this team belongs to the sales- and service team and takes care of customers’ issues. In this context, the customers are agents of internationally acting companies such as BASF or Procter&Gamble. Therefore the main language written and spoken is in English. The communication channels used in the EMEA team are via Email or phone.  You are wondering what EMEA actually means? Well …

To figure this out and learn about possible contents of a work day I visited the EMEA team located in Frankfurt. There I was able to observe how they are dealing with pricings, offering detailed travel information to business customers, and getting to know new company partners and supporting them.

I experienced a quite flexible and open-minded team that supports each other to get the most valuable support for their customers. Since there is a wide range of detailed information, you need to look up these details in each single case. For instance an international guest plans to travel with extra baggage such as snowboard and ski equipment, the EMEA team tries to figure out how much baggage is already included in the price. By changing a plane, the conditions need to be checked again.

In general, EMEA stands for Europe, Middle East and Africa in regard to the sales territory. The team is constantly in contact with their customers and travel agencies in these regions. To make sure all participants -whereever they are- stay updated on the current status of information -is it email correspondence or phone talks-, an internal software tool is used.

That’s it so far and I hope you got to know some more about the work of the EMEA team.

As this is my last blog as intern at Deutsche Lufthansa, I would like to thank all of you for reading and giving feedback.

I appreciate the possibility to write about my internship and to give insights into the life of an intern. And it was plenty of fun!!! Maybe the one or other of you guys feel convinced to try and start an internship in this department as well.

I am looking foward to reading your comments …



Nadine :-)

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