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The airplane is like my second home and as such, I always feel as the host of this flying house, a real air host. Every day on board I have the chance to talk with many different people. Each of them has something to teach you: geography and their own knowledge of the planet, their travel experiences, their own cultural background, their ideas and life philosophy. It is only by talking to them that one can enrich his or her own personal knowledge and his or her own cultural acceptance towards multiculturalism.

One day, as our Airbus A320 was flying to London Stansted and crossing the Dutch coastline, I had the chance to talk to a lad. She called me during the service to ask me why am I so kind to all passengers. At first, I must admit, I got astonished to hear this question. Thus, I took a second to find a proper answer. I told her about my personal life philosophy consisting in doing tiny little kind gestures daily in order to contribute changing the face of the world. I such a historic period like the current one, during which we experience unjustified hatred on a daily basis, it is important to be kind, gentle and respectful, especially in this job, when you get to have to do with a lot of people.

Therefore my mission on board does not only regard my guests’ safety, but also being gentle, kind. Receiving a genuine “Thankblog2 you for this flight I have had with you today” from guests is the best satisfaction you can bring home after an exhausting flying day.

Eurowings gives a lot of importance to this point and is looking forward to welcoming new, passionate, kind and responsible cabin attendants who love having to do with people, being part of an amazing international team and having fun while working on board. Eurowings is expanding more and more. From January we will be flying from Salzburg Airport to different European cities such as Paris, Zurich and Cologne. But that Is not all: Eurowings is recruiting new cabin crew in the sunny Palma de Mallorca, where two Airbus A320 will be based from May 2017 to bring vacationers to the warm beaches of this Mediterranean city. If you are interested in starting your career up in the clouds, Eurowings might give you the chance. Today’s Eurowings crew is waiting for you on board.

Shanel Talarico

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