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All’s well that ends well.

Four weeks of learning, development, fun and excitement are now over. It is our last day in Dubai. After a lot of experience at the airport as well as at the sales departments, we meet up again at the area town office.
We could rotate in all departments, from revenue management to operation at Station. It was important to see on which different level the departments in the area are working on. Everytime you have to keep in your mind, that we in our offices have the local view and the employees in Dubai have to see the whole area. This makes the difference and challenge!
We have finished our short-term projects and are happy to have had the great opportunity to get familiar with our Area Management. This practical is an enrichment for the further teamwork. Now we know in detail which perspective the employees in Dubai have and so we can understand them better.

Over 30 countries belong to our area which is strongly reflected in the entire office. You can feel this multicultural atmosphere everywhere. In Dubai you live and work in a very diverse environment and within Lufthansa this isn’t any different.

Colleagues from all over the world get together in the town office and work together as one team.

The Slogan of our Area Management expresses this feeling very well:


“Rich Blend – One Team”

Rich Blend - One Team

Rich Blend – One Team

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