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Hey there! I’m Sandra, Austrian student and part of the commercial payment team in Frankfurt/Main. Well, at least I was for the last 6 months.IMG_20150826_154430[1]

How did I end up here? As international business student I chose to apply for the vacant position as intern in the field of revenue management, focus payment. I did so, because I had no idea what would await me in this specialty.

During the studies you learn a lot about revenue management, costs vs. revenue, break-even point and other vitally important terminology. What awaited me in the payment area was, however, not what you would expect as someone who actually studies similar stuff and also brings some experience along.

The whole payment process is a rather complex construct, with terms that had to be understood before I could even start to work. So the first two weeks had a rather educational touch with learning all about acquirers, issuers, card schemes and types, processes, merchant service fee, interchange fee…The learning process continued throughout the whole internship and with every day the light at the end of the tunnel became brighter.


As part of a small team I was soon asked to erase the ink on my forehead stating “intern”. That they’d not need a person doing copies, but one who supports them, brings ideas and brainpower. Well, that’s when it all started for me: tender and project evaluation, data analysis, autonomous small projects, supporting contract negotiations, market and trend research… With every working day I got more responsibilities and tasks. Due to the variety of topics it was never boring and every day was a new challenge.

After these way too short 6 months I could not have possibly learned more about this field or gained more professional self-assurance and real-life work experience. And all that while enjoying a super nice atmosphere with my colleagues, socializing and most of all, enjoying the work. After always having a certain vision of my career future, this internship truly challenged me to open up to new perspectives.

Thanks for this chance, LH and especially thanks to my supervisors Giuseppe Pavia and Tobias Kirchner :)


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