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Hallo & Grüß Gott from Austria!

My name is Florian and I’m a 26-year old Austrian currently working as an intern for Lufthansa Cargo’s regional management in Vienna. Today, it is a pleasure for me to give you a brief overview of my tasks and responsibilities as an intern in the Sales Steering department.

Lufthansa Cargo's Vienna sales steering office

Lufthansa Cargo’s Vienna sales steering office

So far I’ve been a part of the regional sales steering team for three months and enjoyed every single day of it. As I have always been particularly interested in the aviation industry, it is a great opportunity to gain additional aviation-related working experience while finishing my Master’s program at university. I deliberately wrote “additional”, because this current internship with Lufthansa Cargo has not been my first chance to experience the interesting world of aviation first hand. In fact, during my undergraduate studies, I had the chance to work as an intern for Lufthansa’s Network Planning department at Munich airport. These two internships have deepened my knowledge and fascination for aviation even further and with these assets; I hope to find a suitable job in the industry once I’ve graduated from university this summer.

Vienna airport's control tower is located just across the street

Vienna airport’s control tower is located just across the street

To some air freight may not sound as interesting or eventful as commercial air travel does, but this perception is far from the truth. Unsurprisingly, the belly of a Lufthansa jet does not only hold the bags and suitcases of passengers. During the past three months, I have come across a number of fairly remarkable shipments onboard of Lufthansa planes, like bumble bees destined for Asia or a white tiger that was shipped from Austria to Thailand. Other interesting goods onboard Lufthansa planes include expensive pieces of art and banknotes, the newest tablets and smartphones or fresh flowers and frozen fish.

Since Lufthansa Cargo’s regional management in Vienna is not only responsible for all cargo-related activities in Austria, but also in Eastern- and Southeastern Europe, Turkey and Israel, the employees of the regional management as well as the regional offices in all of these areas, are a rich blend of people from a variety of different countries. Even the regional management in Vienna, which is located in the same building as Austrian Airlines’ head office, consists of colleagues from Germany, Hungary, Spain, Greece and Austria.

Austrian Airlines' head office at Vienna International Airport

Austrian Airlines’ head office at Vienna International Airport

As part of my tasks and responsibilities as a sales steering intern, I also have to interact with steering colleagues from our regional offices in Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Istanbul and Tel Aviv on a regular basis, either via e-mail or telephone. These tasks include the monitoring and analysis of sales-related figures, creating internal reports or presentations in the areas of business development or key account management as well as support in ad-hoc topics or the organization of meetings and workshops. Additionally, I have to complete tasks associated with the dedicated MD-11 freighter from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv and Istanbul, which the Vienna regional management is responsible for.

The freighter to Tel Aviv and Istanbul is operated by a MD-11

The freighter to Tel Aviv and Istanbul is operated by a MD-11

Hopefully, this blog entry succeeded in providing you with a short overview of my daily life as an intern for Lufthansa Cargo in Vienna and sparked your interest in air cargo operations or aviation in general.

Servus from Vienna,


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