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Hello everyone,

The focus of this year’s TiSS program is Living Innovation. Participants were divided into different groups and each group will need to work on a project using SCRUM. SCRUM is an agile way of thinking to work on projects. It is so special that all you know about typical / traditional project management will be thrown out of the window – whether SCRUM is for you or not, that is another topic.



Agile way of thinking – SCRUM



All ideas, no matter how silly and crazy, need to be thrown on the table as this is potentially “the next big thing”


Working on projects is never easy regardless of the method you use. No matter how simple or complex your projects are, one question should always be on a person’s mind – how do I make this effective and stand out? Innovation and / or design thinking is all about breaking barriers, pushing things to the limit and challenging the status quo. One should not be distracted when confronted by a “we can’t do this” or “we can’t do that”. There are lots of talented individuals who are easily discouraged by roadblocks. Instead of building from a particular roadblock, most people tend to change direction and choose an easier path. Hence, those unknown from beyond remain to be… unfortunately… unknown.

For sure all these steps are not easy and will not be an overnight success. There is a high probability that you will get and meet a lot of haters and distractors in the beginning but the more we are exposed to different issues, handling them becomes easier as we have better sense of perspective.

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