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Greetings again! Last time I wrote, I was showing you around the airport, also commonly known in the Lufthansa world as “station” or “ST”. This time around however, I’ll be talking about a different kind of behind the scenes; namely, what is really behind some common questions that people have about the airline industry. Question one …

How do I get in?

Getting into the aviation industry at a professional level can be difficult, as often times jobs at airlines require not only general office skills, but specialized industry specific skills. It truly helps to know by what rules the airline operates and what constitutes good airline service. As an outsider with a background in literature (read: no practically aviation experience) the International Airline Professional (IAP) training program provided an ideal inroad to the industry. The IAP program is Lufthansa’s international graduate traineeship designed to introduce young professionals to the aviation industry. You learn all the basics, and become fully qualified for whatever the airline industry throws at you.

The IAP Application Page

The IAP Webpage!


Me as an IAP. I certainly never cleaned up this nicely before Lufthansa!

When I started looking for jobs after college though, I knew nothing of that. I just knew I wanted to work internationally, with a focus on business and social interaction, and in the back of my mind, I knew I had a latent passion for airplanes. All of it came together when I stumbled across the program’s webpage on Be-Lufthansa.com. It sounded like an exciting opportunity. After filling out an online application and completing some aptitude tests, I was given a phone interview and then later in the summer, an Assessment Center application followed by one final round of interviews.


Application aptitude test

An aptitude test as part of the application


Overall, it was quite an involved process, but the end result was worth it. I was nervous at first: am I doing well? Why do I keep having rounds of interviews? Am I competitive for the job? But now, I am proud to say I have colleagues who I can also call my friends in every corner of the world. My job surprises me every day, and I am constantly learning new things about the airline industry. It all makes for a very fascinating time, and leaves me excited for the next thing to come my way.

IAP Generation 2011

For information on the program check here.

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