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Timm, ProTeam Generation 30

Hi, I’m Timm and I studied mechanical engineering, because I’m interested in technical stuff. But I’m also very creative and I love music and art, so I always felt there has got to be more than just doing mathematical calculations. So during my studies I tried to get the maximum creativity possible out of my studies, which led me to product development and human machine interfaces. Also, I did an exchange year in Norway, which broadened my horizons enormously and made me discover my love for exploring new places and cultures. So after studies, I wondered where I could find all that in working live, too. And there it was: ProTeam @ Lufthansa! It first sounded too good to be true, but I then I gave it a try. And here I am: Working in a multidisciplinary, multicultural environment, where I really count as a person, with all my strengths (increasing during ProTeam), weaknesses (decreasing during ProTeam) and all my creative ideas that go even beyond technical or mathematical expertise.

So if you feel the same: get out of the box, apply, spread your wings and fly! :)



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