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Hello and welcome to my second blog entry about my internship at Lufthansa Technik Component Services in San Francisco!

Luckily, my supervisor gives me the chance to be part of the AOG-Desk@LTCS Project Team and asked me to extend my stay in SFO. This is a great opportunity for me to further gain extremely valuable experiences, so I agreed.

What is an AOG?
The key to successful aviation logistics is quality and safety but also speed and adherence to delivery dates. If an Aircraft has to stay On the Ground (AOG) for technical reasons, the AOG Team helps 24/7 by planning and coordinating material and parts supply for the customers in the shortest possible time.

What is the project about?
The AOG-Desk@LTCS project was launched in order to gain more market shares in America by being closer to the respective customers and improving the customer service according to the local market requirements. With regards to the growth potential of the MRO (Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair) market in the Americas, this project will build up a local AOG desk in Fort Lauderdale and therefore fulfil the mentioned local customer and market requirements. It will exclusively focus on customers in North, Middle and South America. The AOG-Support in SFO remains the 24/7 Face to the Customer Virgin America.

AOG-Desk@LTCS Project Team

AOG-Desk@LTCS Project Team

I am very lucky that a trainee was supporting me in taking over more and more tasks in the project as his next job was waiting for him in Germany. As we build up a completely new department in Fort Lauderdale, the tasks which have to be handled are both challenging and exciting: The future customers and tasks in FLL had to be defined, a capacity plan as well as the team size and structure had to be developed with the project team. Further we had to screen almost 300 applications for the new positions in FLL and a training plan for the new employees had to be figured out.

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