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Hello lovely people,

here I am again live from Dubai. In the last two days I showed you how Dubai looks like from a tourist perspective…

… but now back to work. In german you say “Ich bin ja nicht zum Spaß hier” meaning I am not here only for the fun. :)

Me and my colleague Tinashe in the LH town office in Dubai

Me and my colleague Tinashe in the LH town office in Dubai

As part of my IAP (International Airline Professional) Program it is mandatory to visit the applicable area headquarter. Now since my office is part of the Middle Eastern and African area I am spending 4 weeks in the Dubai headoffice. The goal is it to learn as much as  possible about the field you are interested in and to expand your skills. This is really wide spread in our group. Some are interested more in Cargo, Strategy, fleet planing, Marketing etc. but I choose to work in the Corporate Sales department for the whole DXB area. Couldn’t have chosen it better. This field is pretty challenging but I like it.

Sure you will understand that I can’t give you any detailed discription about what my project includes but I can tell you the idea behind it. To increase the amount of LH tickets being sold by the agents there are various incenctive schemes and goals for them to reach. So this is basically what we are working on. Short but sufficient :).

In general the office atmosphere and the colleagues are very nice. The whole 18th floor of the World Trade Center belongs to Lufthansa, Austrian and Swiss. Around 70 employees work here and many languages are being spoken around me.

The World Trade tower, in which the LH office is located, is the oldest skyscraper in Dubai. Back in 1978, the year it was build,  it was the highest tower in Dubai. Now it looks rather small next to all of the other huge towers.

LH is located in this retro office building from the 70s

LH is located in this retro office building from the 70s

During my short “thinking breaks” I like to look out of the window next to my desk. Espacially during sunset the skyline looks very impressive and for a short moment it takes you out of all work related thoughts. :)

**1001 nights***

**1001 nights***

With this picture I would like to leave you again at that point. I enjoyed sharing my impressions about Dubai with you and I hope you liked it as well.

For every tourist definetely worth a visit and for all LH employees worth visiting our DXB colleagues :)

Take care and all the best for you!

xoxo Natalie

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