Good day to you, dear people of the Internet. :)

Today I want to share a story about getting from A to B in Frankfurt.

Now, in South Africa effective public transport is nothing more than a dream, something that happens in far off “organized places”. Most South Africans either use informal transport, or jump into a car to get to work.

As you can imagine, that means that the public transport in Frankfurt and in Johannesburg are somewhat different. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I can just hop onto a bus or tram that is not only on time, but also has great coverage of the city and surrounding areas. It means I can read and enjoy the sights, or phone home and chat with friends all without needing to pay attention to the road. Brilliant!

Reading material for the bus ride

But this new form of transport does have its pitfalls. Even though I speak the language and have a passable aptitude at reading, I have a mishap now and then when I’m using busses or trams. Take the other day.

There I am, happily riding the bus to work when I glance up from my book as the bus slows to a stop. “Uh! Must be my stop!” my brain shouts, and so I grab my things to jump off the bus as fast as possible.

Not my stop though.

Thats the sight I had once the bus zoomed off into the distance

Not by a long shot. :(

Whatever random thoughts might have led me to jump out I can only wonder as the bus blurs into the distance. Time to walk then, along a stretch of forsaken road in the freezing cold. Trust me, I made that mistake only once.

And the moral of this story? It takes a little more practice than one thinks to ride a bus. Who’d have thought?

Best Regards