Good day to you, dear people of the Internet.  :)

So, I’m back. (Always wanted to say that in the written from, you will hopefully excuse my indulgence).

For those of you who have read one of my previous contributions I say, welcome back. To any new folk, a welcome that is just as heartfelt.

My name is Karsten and I’m part of a program here at Lufthansa that is called the IAP program. IAP stands for International Airline Professional, a training program designed to foster young professionals through training to join the Lufthansa Group. If you want to find out more just read the info pages on the Be Lufthansa careers portal, they say it much more eloquently than I.

Hello from the Cargo City Süd Offices

I live and work in sunny South Africa at Lufthansa Cargo in Johannesburg, and am currently on a 2 week assignment here in Frankfurt, Germany, the centre of the world for anything Lufthansa.

You are most probably wondering what’s with the title? Well, I consider myself stoutly South African most of the time, even with a very German name, I’ll admit. I find going to Germany a trip away from home rather than a homecoming. With that I have a somewhat different perspective on things here in Germany, even though to the casual observer I might look like I fit right in.

Hence the title. Whenever anyone in our office flies to Europe, we are flying “up” the map of Africa, so this week an African is “coming up” and will be sharing some observations from my trips to Germany.

General flight heading? Up!

Hope you’ll enjoy.

Best Regards