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Today’s blog article is a bit more focused on the business side of things, as I do need to mention why I actually am in Frankfurt at the moment.

Anthony in the CCS with a large map of Russia in the background

Part of the IAP course is doing assignments in your respective headquarters, for me, that means Frankfurt. Some of my other colleagues would go to Atlanta or Singapore. This week I’m visiting some departments like Key Accounts Management, Cost Controlling and Marketing. We are encouraged to do the assignments in small groups which then avoids IAPs all rolling through the same departments on a conveyor belt like system. Of course it also offers some safety in numbers to the IAPs when trying to find their way around in a rather big and very complicated organization.

Visiting many new departments can be a bit daunting I‘ll tell you, as you all of a sudden get to see the big names at headquarter departments in living color. The best remedy to this is putting your best foot forward and being outgoing. Most of the time this strikes the right tone but it’s still tricky to ask people to take out time from their busy schedule to explain processes to you. On the flipside you are also there to learn things that will help you in future tasks, so it’s a juggling act, own wishes versus low impact and courteous working. A colleague of mine put it more succinctly, “They can’t smell what you are thinking, so just ask.”

Couches aren’t standard office furniture, but they work just fine

Wise words I tell you, very handy for intrepid IAPs getting to understand headquarter operations.

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