Good day to you, dear people of the Internet.  :)

Or rather, good morning.

Part of the IAP Program, as you may well imagine, involves travel. Lots and lots of travel. In 2012 I spend well over 120 days away from home, most in or around the Frankfurt area. Travel is part of the package, that’s a given. Whilst I always enjoy coming back to Frankfurt, I have been given the unique chance to be part of “living” in this city, whilst still not being here long enough to loose sight of how life is different from Johannesburg.

Lets take breakfast for example:

Breakfast of champions

This is a “Frühstückshörnchen”, my usual breakfast of choice in Frankfurt when I’m out and about. It is cheap (IAP candidates are good at operating on tight budgets), filling, and goes well with a coffee.

Now, at home my morning commute seldom allows me to stop by a bakery and pick up a sweet-roll on my way to work. Exiting the traffic flow would just set me back too long and I wouldn’t be at work on time.

Here in Germany however, things are a bit different and I can easily stop at a bakery and pick up a roll between switching busses.

Banana … comes complete with biodegradable packaging

I am told that this isn’t uncommon in Germany, or even Europe, but so alien to me that I just had to share my perceptions on the matter. This means my morning commute is fun as I can have breakfast on the run, something I wouldn’t dream of at home.

Hope you all go have a “breakfasthorn” tomorrow, I definitely will.

Best Regards