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Good day to you, dear people of the Internet.  :)

Right, the week is over and my chariot awaits. Did I mention it’s quite the cool chariot?

Quite a spiffy flying machine

They are easy to use too, you can just hang on to the outside, not a problem. ;)

747-8i safety violation

But no, I wanted to share a bit more than just some cool pictures. The fact that we travel quite a bit means that an IAP spends a lot of time in airports waiting, and of course an even larger amount of time in hotel rooms. Which means you have a lot of time to reflect.

I personally love standing in that boarding queue with other passengers, imagining what each may be doing on that flight, the reason why they want to board a giant contraption to fly off to a far away place? Is it a well earned holiday? Is it the chance to discover something new, the chance to say, ”Been there, done that”? Or is it a tedious trip, a need to oversee a delicate negotiation or perhaps it’s having to come home to oversee the wake for a departed loved one. They all have a reason, and I often feel like I’m the guy there who gets to peek behind the curtains before the theatre opens to the rest of the crowd.

Sometimes the reflecting is of a less frivolous nature though. Any IAP will tell you that your thoughts do return home from time to time. Internet helps enormously to bridge the gap, so keeping in touch is far easier than even 10 years ago. I can tell you though that once I’m home again I value the time I spend with friends and family all the more. That perspective I don’t think I would have gained if I hadn’t been part of the program, and for that I am grateful.

This is quite a spacious hotel room, not as cool as my apartment though

With that I will bid you adieu for the time being. I hope that you enjoyed the week’s contributions, and of course have a lovely weekend. As always comments are really appreciated, so … you know … comment with whatever is on your mind.

Best Regards


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