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Greetings! My name is Alex Harris-Hertel and I am an International Airline Professional (IAP) based out of Boston. As an IAP, I wear many hats, but this week I will be working at the airport (commonly known as “station”) to give you an idea of what really goes on behind the scenes and how Lufthansa does what it does to satisfy each and every wish of its 100.000+ passengers every day. I encourage you to take a peek with me!

At small stations such as Boston, where we only have a few Lufthansa flights a day, everybody has to know how to do every aspect of working at the airport. Every day is different, because one day I will work at the gate, the next day I will be working in the lounge, or out on the ramp. Today, I am working a shift known as ‘flight prep’. At the beginning of the day, long before passengers begin to check in, Lufthansa representatives are there to prepare for the day’s flights.

Printing maintenance information whilst notifying customs of today’s flights.

In order to provide excellent service, there is certain information we need to know about our guests passing through Logan that day. Flight prep researches Lufthansa’s systems to find out information about all of our arriving and departing flights. (Information such as: what time is the aircraft arriving, how many passengers, do we have passengers with special needs, special meals, or any passengers travelling with animals). All of this information then gets put on a board in the staff room so that during the briefing, all of our coworkers can see what their day will look like.

Our flight preparations board in the office

Flight prep is critical to providing excellent service because it helps us plan our service, where people will be at what times, plan for delays, and provide that extra little Lufthansa for all of our customers. I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about check-in!

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