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Hello again! After my flight prep shift, I am moving on to working at check-in today. Check-in is one of the most important aspects of the customer service experience, as it serves as the first point of contact between the passenger and the airline. Other than the flight crew, these are some of the few airline personnel that a passenger would ever meet.

Terminal E at Boston Logan

The check-in hall for Boston Logan’s International Terminal.

Depending on the day, check in can be very easy or very challenging. As we have just started the New Year, lots of people are travelling on holiday or for business, which means very full flights. This means a lot of work for me and my colleagues!  When a flight is full, passengers might not get their first choice of seats, which means there are a lot of demands on your time to try and satisfy as many guests as possible.  Today we are overbooked in economy class, but have a lot of seats free in business. The goal then becomes to convince people to move from economy to business class until we have evened out the flight numbers. It’s a lot like playing a puzzle in real time, and your deadline to solve the puzzle is by departure time.

Meet Heba, one of our fabulous check-in agents in Boston, always ready to help you!

At Check-in you also have to check that passengers’ travel documents are valid and that their baggage is not overweight. It may be challenging meeting the needs of all of our passengers every day, but nothing makes me happier than seeing all the different kinds of people who travel with us every day. Meeting people from all around the world converging in one place is such a great experience, and I enjoy listening to our customers and learning more about them every day.

Welcoming the Frauenfußball Nationalmannschaft in Boston at Check-in


Stay tuned, because tomorrow, we’re going out on the ramp!

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