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Wow what a day!

Our Austrian Event had a great reception overall. The event was targeted at specific travel agents that we thought would be interested in knowing all about the cabin transformation that Austrian Airlines is going through. We spent the afternoon supervising the setup of the event including hanging all of the artwork that we had created. It was so incredible to see an event that I had been helping to plan actually come to life! There were so many last minute, tiny details that needed to be taken care of, but seeing the finished product I am extremely proud.

Busy loading all the items into the event space

We were able to get one of the people responsible for developing the new product in Vienna to attend our event as well as Do&Co, the catering service Austrian uses on board.

One of the developers of the new Business Class product explains how they came up with the final design

The Do&Co display table featured a selection of delicious food

Chatting with the different guests that attended the event it was clear how excited they were that Austrian was updating their product in such a major way.

The setup of the event allowed each of the guests to experience different aspects of the new product in a hands-on way – examples of the new IFE screen, blanket and pillow and headphones were all on display.

One of the “hands-on” displays: the new pillow and blanket design

Near the end of the event we had some speeches from our product managers followed by a drawing for two free business class tickets to Vienna.

Ralph, the head of the NYC sales region giving a speech.

A picture of our lucky winner


At the end of the event we spent about an hour and a half taking everything down and packing things up so they could be sent back to our office.

After a busy day I am ready to get some sleep. Tomorrow begins the event with Esquire Magazine which promises to run extremely late.

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