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Hello Hello!

I can happily say that my stomach is now full after being able to sample some of the delicious food that was prepared by all of the chefs at the event tonight.

A delicious piece of tuna prepared by Tom Colicchio

The setup of the event was completely different from yesterday evening. The entire space was covered with tables, and our “flight attendants” from Newark acted as maître d’s showing people to their tables and making sure that everyone was having a good time.

Quite a change from yesterday, wouldn’t you agree?

Once everyone was seated at the proper tables, we were able to take a step back and watch everyone enjoying their meals.

A full house for dinner this evening

There were four places at one of the table for Lufthansa staff members, including the marketing managers in the Americas and their guests. We took turns and switched places between courses so that everyone was able to enjoy a bit of the meal – which was several courses long. Just before the meal ended I made sure that we were ready to hand out our party-favours: Lufthansa chocolate truffles.

Once the last guest had departed we still had a lot of work to do: we spent the next hour making sure everything belonging to Lufthansa was packed up in our two flight attendant trollies ready to be transported by courier back to our office at the Empire State Building.

There is always a bit of time to work the red carpet with our flight attendants

So, I hope you enjoyed this peak into the life of an IAP and reading about my last week as much as I enjoyed writing about it. As for me, my next assignment is in Frankfurt at the Lufthansa Aviation Center.

I made a short video which I posted below from when I first arrived. Hope you enjoy it and I hope to see you soon!

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