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After such a long day, I will let my pictures do most of the talking for me. Let me give you some background first however.

Every year Esquire Magazine hosts a large multi-night event in New York City. The theme for tonight was “Party Like a Man”. Lufthansa sponsored a “lounge” – a cordoned off area where guests could drink champagne and experience some of the details of our first class lounges while still at the event. As part of our presence, we promoted the Lufthansa Facebook and Twitter accounts and had an Instagram photo posting wall where people could see other people’s pictures from the event. We also had two “flight attendants”, (actually colleagues from Newark Airport) who helped us present the Lufthansa brand to all of the invited guests. My evening was spent making sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible in our lounge area, that our “flight attendants” were comfortable and happy and interacting with the invited guests.

Would you care for a glass of champagne?

Part of the Lufthansa Lounge with our Instagram and Twitter feed TVs

Yours truly at the event

Yours truly at the event

A very full Lufthansa Lounge

I bet you never thought as part of a job for an airline you would need to organize parties for the young people of New York at posh Manhattan hotels!

So what do you think, would you attend this party?

Tomorrow is day two of our Esquire event which is entitled “The Best Meal Ever Cooked”. I hope it lives up to the name, an more importantly I hope I get to try some of the food!

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