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What’s Good? Greetings from New York, the Empire State! My name is Greg and I am a member of the Lufthansa IAP program. My home base during the program is NYC EA/D which is Lufthansa speak for Leisure and Online Sales at our area management office in East Meadow New York. For the last several weeks as part of the program I have been completing my practical assignment in marketing at our office in the Empire State Building in Manhattan.

The interior of our office and my desk while I am there

A view of New York City out of our office window

So how did I find myself working in the Empire State Building you may ask? Well, allow to explain:

I was born and raised in “Upstate” New York. That is New York City speak for anything that is not in New York City. Burdened with shame from this “horrible” reality (not really), I compensated by attending university at NYU in the heart of Manhattan. I created my own major which I called “The Imagined Line” which focused on international borders, trade and diplomacy and specifically how international companies and governments interact with each other across international borders.

After I graduated I found an apartment with another guy who as my mom lovingly says: “shares my illness” with anything aviation related. Between him working for JetBlue and me working for Lufthansa we have been able to do quite a bit of traveling – perhaps too much. I recently figured out that I have travelled more than 145.000 km by aircraft in the last year!

Enjoying the warm weather in Dubai this past January

Hiking on the Great Wall outside of Beijing

Enough about my personal life though. The colleague I have been working with for this assignment is our Marketing Manager for the Northeast, who happens to be a former IAP. He has warned that this upcoming week will be extremely busy, as there are two big events planned: one for Austrian Airlines to kick-off their new Business Class, and another two-night event with Esquire Magazine. Both will require a lot of work to prepare for but promise to be amazing if we can make everything run smoothly.

So I hope your looking forward to the next week as I am! See you next time.

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