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Lufthansa Systems Consultant Myrthe

Lufthansa Systems Consultant Myrthe

Known for being an addict to travel, I started working for an airline 10 years ago. A dream came true. Being raised in a family with pilots and flight attendants probably influenced my passion. And no, it might sound obvious but I didn’t want to become a flight attendant because I wanted to orient myself professionally towards my Bachelor’s degree in business administration.

The combination between my passion, education and curiosity for technology directed me finally to IT development and business process engineering. The quick changing world and the intercultural aspects attracted me. And most important my personal drive to connect the world – giving people the opportunity to travel around the world, discover its beauty and experience different cultures. In October 2017, I moved from Amsterdam to Frankfurt in order to start a new career challenge working as Senior Consultant for Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting. I`m currently working for several airlines worldwide.

Specially this broadened my scope from just one airline to multiple perspectives. A boring office job? No not at all. My workweek is different every week. From one week attending a conference focused on crew management in colorful Delhi to a business meeting in Zurich surrounded by the mysterious mountains, my job changes regularly. With my Lufthansa Systems company sneakers, I travel around the world to visit my customers and connect airline topics with IT and digitalization.

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