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Good day to you, dear people of the Internet. :)

Today’s post is all about work. What am I doing right now and what might a potential entrant into the IAP program end up doing? The answer to that is: lots.

Kenya’s economic outlook 2013

My current task is to get our business plan for the year to a state where the regional departments can refer to it and where our Director for Africa will be able to conduct bilateral discussions off the information displayed in it. Sounds daunting right?

Well, as always there are colleagues that can help with some tricky excel formulations or can provide details where I’m not sure of the correct course of action.

Kenya’s business plan

Although this seems less glamorous than being able to go on the ramp each day, it’s a vital part of running a successful business, as those of you with interests in applied business practices will know.

That doesn’t mean that we here at cargo don’t get our fill of interesting things to see. During my walk through the warehouse this morning I spied this little package. Something I would have never imagined to find in a cargo warehouse.

strange cargo

Hope to see you all tomorrow for my final post.

Best Regards


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