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Good day to you, dear people of the Internet.  :)

If that was a somewhat unexpected introduction to a Be Lufthansa blog post then please indulge me and read on for a bit. I have been granted the opportunity to share a bit of my working week with you and thus am grateful to show some moments in a rather unique program at a rather unique company.

But as the title reads, introductions are necessary.

That would be me, at my desk

My name is Karsten Richartz and I’m part of the International Airline Professional (IAP) program at Lufthansa, and more specifically, Lufthansa Cargo. I’m currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, as part of the regional management team. That means our department is required to manage all Lufthansa Cargo regions with their stations in Africa.

I was born and raised here is Johannesburg (Jo’burg to the locals), but to German speaking parents, thus I like to say that I sit on the fence when it comes to nationality. When the Germans are about to win a soccer trophy, well, I’m as German as it gets. Talk to me any other time about being a European though, and I will laughingly disagree.

I joined Lufthansa Cargo in October 2011 which means that with the turn of the New Year I’ve been at Lufthansa for a year and a few months. Prior to this I’ve had some work experience consulting in the pharmaceutical sector, and before that completed a degree with Honours in Logistics Management. (Honours isn’t a typo, we gladly adhere to British Spelling here in South Africa)

Lufthansa Cargo at O R Tambo International Airport

This week I will be posting some articles about my work here in the department. It just so happens that this will be my first full week back at work after some leave so I thought it might be a good starting point to use for this blog, a fresh perspective of my comings and going here at Lufthansa Cargo. And of course, I hope that you, dear reader, will be joining me.

And that’s about it for the first day, onwards and upwards!

Best Regards


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