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Good day to you, dear people of the Internet.  :)

Today I’ll be briefly talking about a topic that is actually rather important in an IAP’s repertoire, planning skills.

My desk as im trying to plan

As I mentioned yesterday, this is my first full week in the office and thus a spot of planning is required. Now, you will quietly voice that any job requires this and why would one wish to blog about planning? Well, planning forms a great part of the IAP program, but it actually must be done in conjunction with another key trait of the potential IAP, a healthy dose of flexibility.

The IAP program consists of a basic set of minimum assignments and training sessions that must be completed in order to get the full exposure of the company. Training sessions in Germany are largely fixed, but almost all other assignments are free for the individual to pursue at their leisure. Of course, often there is a logical route through these assignments. It makes sense to visit the local export warehouse before seeing the operations in Frankfurt, but this is not set in stone. Individuals tailor their practical assignments to their liking and the local business cycles. An example beckons.

Our minimum plan

I have attended the greatest part of my training sessions in 2012 and must now figure out how to visit all the departments in my regional head office in the span of 2 weeks in February. Thereafter I have to plan the rest of the year with departments I want to still visit. Not an easy task, especially when trying to coordinate conflicting schedules. Luckily you don’t have to do this on your own. I have a great IAP colleague who is visiting the departments I am at the same time and thus the burden of planning is shared. It also means I have a contact in Frankfurt whilst I’m there who is just as keen as me to explore a bit of Europe.

So, what am I trying to say with today’s post?

Being in the IAP program means that I have been given a set of goals to achieve and a rough outline by when I should achieve them. That’s pretty independent work, something that prepares me a bit more for a position with responsibility. It means I need to plan and be able to think on my feet to achieve the goals. Not a bad skill to have, be it in business or private life.

On a somewhat lighter note, I shared a picture yesterday of our sign outside the cargo terminal. If you looked closely you would have seen a grey sky in the background. Today the weather has fortunately bounced back and I can share this view out of our office window. It makes my planning that bit more difficult knowing there is such nice weather outside. ;)

A view from the Cargo Offices

Until Tomorrow, Best regards


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