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TiSS Fee Fighters 5Well, there are quite a lot of things that I would like to share with you and it was really hard to decide what to write about. But after a conference call today, there were no more doubts – I want to share with you the experience I made working as part of a virtual team – and by the way, a great team!Tiss Fee Fighters 2

During platform one, we were presented with various project topics and could choose which we would like to work on for the next year. This is how we formed our teams. Like all of the teams, ours turned out to be very multicultural: We have Camila from Sao Paolo, Dan from Charlotte/North Carolina, Fritz from Frankfurt, Eleni from Athens, Ani from Teheran, Mansour from Dammam and myself, Georgiana from Vienna.

I can remember at the beginning of the program we were all a little bit shy. Probably because we did not know each other very well, maybe also because we had in mind that we need to be aware of intercultural differences and tried our best not to offend our group partners.

After a few funny exercises the ice began to melt. And during the next few days we already developed the beginning of something which we could have called team spirit.TiSS Fee Fighters 4

But when we all went home, the challenges started. Each and every of us had to deal with returning to our daily work routine and for the first few weeks our team spirit started to suffer a little bit. Not only because of our daily duties but also due to the newly learned approach towards project management, the load seemed to overwhelm us initially. Luckily, every team and project has a godmother on the one side and a project owner on the other side, and with their support, the initial obstacles could be overcome.TiSS Fee Fighters Sketch

Beside our communication via Email and What´s App, we also started with our weekly conference calls, distributed tasks among the team and our work began to show first results. This was an amazing feeling! And we continued like this for some weeks. Of course, we felt lost from time to time but our product owner assured us that we were on the right track. What a great feeling that the effort we had was not in vain.

As we made our preparations for platform 2, where we had to present our interim progress, we realized that we are indeed a great team as everybody has been trying to contribute in different ways, but which have resulted in very pleasing results to this point. We felt well prepared but still a little bit cautious as we headed to platform 2. But we went with great anticipation and were excited to present our interim results.

When we all arrived at the Lufthansa Training Center I think most of us realized how much we have grown together during the last few months. It felt like meeting old friends and the odd feeling we had when our project started, had simply vanished. I am really blessed to have the chance work together with such a great time as ours!

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