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Hi again!

As SWISS ProTeamer we got the opportunity to join a project at Lufthansa in Frankfurt.

It’s Lukas and I joined Lufthansa Group Finance projects with its offices located at the Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC) very close to the Frankfurt Airport.The scope of my assignment in Frankfurt is twofold. First, I support a large ongoing project regarding the Miles and More International (MMI) credit cards. The first few weeks were very challenging for me as I had to make myself familiar with the MMI credit card business quickly. By preparing the relevant information for LH Group senior management, I get the chance to participate in negotiations both with internal and external business partners. These are new experiences for me from which I expect to learn a great deal.
The second part of my assignment is my own individual project. The goal is to develop a concept for a management tool which analyses the relationship between Lufthansa Group and its numerous banking counterparties. For that matter, I get the chance to analyze all of the finance divisions and their banking activities, which gives me a great insight into the complete Finance department of Lufthansa Group. I am convinced that I will benefit from my experiences in Frankfurt and that I will be able to apply the knowledge that I acquire back at the SWISS headquarters in Zurich.

Lukas at the Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt

Lukas at the Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt

It’s Remo and I’m currently on my second ProTeam engagement enrolled in a strategic project at LH Passage’s network development department in Frankfurt. Network development processes include all activities ranging from strategic longterm market and fleet planning to the implementation of a new flight plan for the next season. Network development takes a clear profitability view on LH’s flight network and therefore not only considers the revenue but also the cost related side of our flights. Consequently this project offers me deep insight into LH’s core activities and related processes. As part of the project we are introducing a new organizational approach on how network decisions are taken within LH to assure a group wide optimization across our various hubs. To assure this objective I was heavily involved in preparation and execution of workshops including relevant representatives of affected departments. In addition to that, for me as a SWISS ProTeamer it is highly interesting and beneficial to learn more about LH’s processes and also to have the chance to get to know various people across departments which will be highly valuable for my future work at SWISS. Besides that, I had the unique chance to join my department for a meeting with Airbus at Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airport. Over there we had the opportunity to share our perspectives on the future of airline industry and discuss implications on network development with Airbus’ experts. Additionally we took the opportunity to visit the A320 and a highly modern A350 assembly line which was very impressive too. My next project starting beginning of 2014 will take me to a more market and business development oriented project at SWISS in New York, US, which will be very exciting!

Remo in front of LH Group Airlines at Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt

Remo in front of LH Group Airlines at Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt

Beyond our interesting projects, we of course enjoy living in Frankfurt. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and it is particularly nice to be around our fellow LH ProTeam colleagues. As mentioned, our next projects will take us even further abroad. We are looking forward to telling you all about it in the beginning of 2014.


So long,


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