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Doro and Adrian: At the beginning of October Erik and Julius gave you the last ProTeam-Update. Now it`s time for the next ProTeam post and it has been a while since the two of us gave you some insights into our first ProTeam projects at the Lufthansa Passage. Maybe you remember our post at the 8th of August, in which we introduced ourselves. Both of us switched the project at the beginning of September, so we`ll catch up with our last impressions from the first project and give you a short overview of our new tasks and challenges.

Switching to our current project also meant a relocation of our workspace from the “Lufthansa Basis”, where you can meet pilots and stewardesses on their way to work, to the “Lufthansa Aviation Center”. The so called “LAC” is a modern glass-building with great architecture where you find offices and meeting points as well as long lightened halls and gardens. Maybe you have already seen it from the highway, where you are passing the LAC when driving to Frankfurt airport. So let`s talk about what we are actually doing in this great building.

Adrian: And hello from me again. You can most certainly remember my last post when I introduced you to my first Project “Shape!” as a trainee-controller. Having learned enough in Excel, data management and the ongoing restructuring efforts at the Lufthansa Passage, I now have chosen a project with a more strategic focus on expanding revenue. In between the projects, I used my two weeks holiday and the very cheap employee ticket to fly to Bali, where I had a great time. The new project belongs, similar to “Shape!”, to the overall restructuring program Score. Score has the goal to improve the Lufthansa Group net income by €1.5 billion over all group companies till 2015. My new project is a “Group” project and hence I get to work with the different entities, mainly Lufthansa Passage, Swiss and Austrian Airlines. I can work and discuss here with the top management. For example the CEO Dr. Franz participated in the last workshop to evaluate Score. My next project will most likely be in Singapore, so naturally I am pretty excited about the cultural as well as the project challenges there.


Doro in the LAC


Adrian in the LAC


Doro: As mentioned in our last post, I have spent the first project in a department for tariff policy, constitutional questions of the ground operation staff and got insights into the project “Shape!”. The tasks as well as the integration into the team were great and I got a good overview how the different challenges are handled within the division.

In September my second project started in another Human Resources division at the LH Passage. Again this project has a labor law focus, but with another scope on the decentralized stations in Germany. The decentralized stations are all stations except the hubs Frankfurt and Munich, e.g. Berlin, Dusseldorf and Cologne. The team consists of lawyers and non-lawyers all over Germany. In my first week I got the chance to accompany the team in Cologne for a day, where a dialogue with the local works council and the ground operation staff was held. Apart from the work with local works councils at the different stations, the department is also responsible for individual employment law advices to support local managers, for instance with disciplinary warnings. In addition to the daily business I participate in a strategic project regarding the structural future of the decentralized stations.

Doro and Adrian: Right now most of our ProTeam generation is looking for their projects abroad. We are pretty excited where we`ll stay at the beginning of 2014.

Enjoy the upcoming ProTeam posts!



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