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Dear Reader,

it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Lufthansa Cargo “Blogwoche” with the topic “working on stations with different or unusual working conditions”. In the course of this week you will get the chance to gain an insight of how it is working like in Lagos, Mexiko, Sao Paolo and Krasnojarsk.

The station of Krasnoyarsk is happy to open to you the door to your Curiosity and interest!! What’s behind the three letter code KJA, what does it mean living and working in severe climate conditions. My staff and I like to show our backstage and let you be virtual participant of our activities in one of the biggest Lufthansa cargo Hub for numbers flight .

My name is Jesko Schneider, I am the lucky person who got the opportunity to administrate this station KJA since September 2013. This as volunteer base, not for punishment. I like unconventional challenges and conditions and to stay in tied contact with the ramp activities. KJA was a perfect decision for timing and for my life style, open air job, unpredictable situation, varied nature, opportunity to make sport (open air), this was my motivation. Living in a different situation than Europe, to know new culture and share my know how with my colleagues, makes this experience unique and unmissable. It was not an easy decision and life for me is really not so simple. But at the end of the day I feel support very well from the Expatriate department, nothing is improvised and this make my stay more comfortable. What I’m missing more are my kids and friends. My permanent residence is in Italy.


Krasnojarsk, we are here:

Using a map browser, just insert these Coordinates 56°04′N 92°45′E / 56.066667°N 92.75°E56.066667; 92.75 (Krasnojarsk). Distance from Frankfurt 5200km distance from Shanghai 3500km the region of Krasnoyarsk is approximately 2.3mio square kilometer big, more than 6 times the German territory, population only 2 mio, 1 of them live in Krasnoyarsk city. Before transferring me here I didn’t even know that this city exist. We are far away from all. No reason for panic, this is the most exciting part for me, be in the middle of nowhere !!!!

1600 flight handled smoothly in 2014 in Krasnoyarsk including crew layover and all this in a “ deafening silence”. More than 80.000 ton of fuel has been uplift during the 2014 imagine a convoy 2400 tankers, not only a fuelling station in middle of Siberia, but also persons who are working and living here. 10 persons from Aircraft Operation team of Lufthansa cargo and 5 technicians. This station is a masterpiece of Lufthansa cargo, there is no days/night were we do not handle flights.


De-icing an aircraft

I’m proud to lead this station. The relationship in between us is not only job related, but based on friendship’s. The activities we do outside of the airport are quiet frequent, from skiing to BBQ in the nature to trekking and running etc. The feeling I have to stay here is of high comfort, this I couldn’t imagine few years ago when I did accept the duty, as son from a German father and Italian mother, I really am surprised how I like the stay here in Siberia.

The Job is not easy and also weather condition which we are facing during the long winter are not really a” walk in a park”. The weather condition are extremely variable and the temperature during the winter season can drop dramatically, contrariwise the short summer could be really hot, over 30 degrees is not rarity. For this theme my colleagues will write more in detail on Friday.

Stolby National park

Regarding the city, this is not an attractive town, some monuments and a nice rivers promenade is all what she can offer. Outside of it, the scenarios change. Huge forest, rivers, lakes and mountains make it very attractive for outback lovers. The view from the top of the Stolby rocks (national park only km from down town) more or less 700 mt above sea level is amazing.  I can spend hours running through the forest of this national park. Rich of wildlife and flowers’ I have never seen in my life. In winter all seems sleepy, and during spring time all becomes very green and colorful. I didn’t know that in Siberia you can see a lot of different spices of orchard, I was used to see them in the tropical countries, but here??? ..incredible.


Video: De-icing MD11 KJA

The surrounding of Krasnoyarsk is all to be discovered and people here are unbelievable nice. This would be a good reason to make a visit in the region. I’m sure my blogger team has plenty of information more than I do. In any case and I hope to tickle your curiosity.


Tomorrow you may experience what it is like working in Sao Paolo!


Best regards,

Jesko Schneider

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