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Hey guys,

I can’t believe that my time here in New York is almost over. It’s like my first day just was yesterday. Time passes so fast and I wish I could stay another month here, but university in Germany is calling. However, I definitely made a lot of great experiences here and learned a lot.


The Flatiron Building


At the moment I am working a lot at the Intranet together with another intern. Besides updating and improving the recently launched new homepage for the U.S. we create the new Canadian Intranet website. It is really interesting to learn about the Canadian work law. I would not have thought that it is so different from the American one. The Canadian workers law is more similar to the German one, but every Province is able to legislate their own laws. Besides making research, we write texts for the intranet website, choose pictures and discuss together with other persons of our team which web structure to choose or what to put online. You really feel as a part of the team because you can insert your own ideas and at the end of the day you see what you have achieved. Additionally I am finishing the other projects I got during my stay. E.g. I created manuals for the employees to support them in special situations as if a family member dies or they get married. By talking to the other employees and reading documents I learned a lot about the regulations in the USA. Did you know for example that San Francisco has a minimum wage of 11.05 $?


Times Square at Night

Of course if you live so close to New York (and as many interns are staying in Queens they live even closer) there is a lot to visit at the weekends or in the afternoons. We already visited many typical tourist attractions such as the Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Arts, the 9/11 Memorial or the Brooklyn Bridge, made foot tours through the city and discovered American Food. Certainly there is always the opportunity to visit different places like Boston or the Niagara Falls at the weekends or to visit one of the great and worldwide known shows and Broadway Musicals. I can guarantee you that you will never feel bored in New York.

Realizing that my last days here have just begun makes me very sad, but I am really happy that I got the opportunity to have such an amazing stay in the U.S..


Grand Central Station

If you are also excited about working for Lufthansa in the USA and if you want to be part of an amazing team and discover a great city just have a look at the internships offers. By the way, you don’t have to work in Human Resources during your stay if you are not interested in that, you can also work in Sales, Marketing, Lufthansa Technique, IT or wherever you like to be.

So if you are interested just go for it and apply for an internship in New York or for the st.i.p. Finance or Logistics Program at www.be-lufthansa.de .

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