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Since 2014 SPIRIANT has gone global and sharing traditions and local customs of the holidays is one of the many interesting aspects this international community brings with it. Our intern group alone is made up of a multitude of diverse backgrounds with members coming from India, Colombia, Germany, America, Russia and Vietnam.

From Russians giving and receiving their gifts on New Year’s Eve to hearing about the traditional sweets and curry dinners in India there is a lot to learn about each other’s cultures in this office! We also enjoy sharing with our international friends typical German traditions like Advent Calendars and celebrating St. Nicholas’s day on the 6th.



Holiday tradition sharing aside we are still working hard on all our running projects. As we have recently introduced our new communications department and strategy we are continuously collecting and putting together content for our internal and external channels. We are working closely with all our departments to find the most relevant material and news to share, so everyone from our co-workers to our customers stays informed. Check out our new blog post on the LSG Group page if you like!

Another exciting project running at the moment is our homepage’s refresh. Changing a website is no small task and we have learned so much about all the different elements you have to keep in mind. Everything from the layout of the site to texts, images and search engine optimization (SEO) tasks, you have to consider every little detail. And if one website update is a lot of work, try two at the same time! Our logistics partner SkylogistiX is also getting a whole new look – including website – so there is much to do on that front as well. Additionally, all marketing collaterals including defining the corporate identity and working on the master slides of the company presentation have to be created. So many elements come into play when creating a new brand image and we are excited to be able to assist and have an in-depth look at it all. We can’t wait to see the final result of both projects!

Next to the work on our website, our annual WTCE conference appearance is fast approaching. For this event we have been collaborating closely with our design team and have started to decide on the featured products, the setup and our main goals of the fair. Taking place in Hamburg in April, WTCE is one of our biggest occasions of the year and the closer we come to it the more there is to do. Make sure to check-in for the next blog for more updates on WTCE!

While there is always a lot exciting projects and work going on (and that gift shopping in the back of our minds we still haven’t done) in the marketing and communications department at SPIRIANT the growing Christmas spirit make it that much more enjoyable.

So from SPIRIANT a big Merry Christmas and Frohe Weihnachten, wherever and however you may celebrate and may you have a joyous season!

Until next year,

Charlotte and Anna

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